The Hostel is not a hotel, but a receptive structure available to guests for a limited period of time, that finds its fundamental value in mutual respect.

Customers are required to read the Hostel rules and rates. Entry to the Hostel implies full acceptance and compliance with these regulations, that can be supplemented separately by additional notes from the owner and / or authorized operators.

1) Guests must:

I. Upon arrival: submit for the registration required by law and hand in the identification document, which will be returned after registration; Occupy the room and / or the assigned bed.

II. During your stay: Observe the Hostel’s working hours and work together to respect order and cleanliness.

III. On departure: return any linen delivered upon arrival and leave the room in the exact same condition it was before being occupied.

2) The youth Hostel is open during the period that goes from the 1 of January to the 31 of December, every day from 07:00 to 11:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00; In the period between the times indicated, the availability of the staff is guarateed.

3) The rates of the structure are as follow:

  • Overnight stay €15 per person; The use of the kitchen is availabe for breakfast and meals.

4) The payment of the stay must be done in advance. The receipt must be withdrawn at the time of payment.

5) In case the guest would like to extend the stay, he must inform the staff by 10:00 AM the day before the scheduled departure.

6) The guest who does not leave the assigned room or bed before 10:00 AM on the day of departure must pay for the following night. In this case, the guest has the possibility to make use of it.

7) In the absence of a reservation, the stay and it’s duration will be arranged by the staff according to the availability and/or reservations already accepted.

8) Guests without a valid identity document can not be hosted at the Hostel.

9) The assigned personnel have the right to interrupt a guest’s stay if they consider it necessary, without prejudice to any other provision to protect public safety / security.

10) Guests that have not been registered can not be accommodated in the rooms.

11) The cleaning and reorganization of the breakfast and meals room, that is made available to guests, is entrusted to those who use it, as well as the use of furniture, equipment and any other furnishings.

12) In every room of the Hostel (exterior or interior), guests are required to behave appropriately to community life. Respect and good education are fundamental.

13) Inside the Hostel it is forbidden to:

I. Smoke and eat throughout the building;

II. Make improper use of wardrobes, beds and equipment;

III. Use personal sheets or sleeping bags;

IV. introduce animals;

V. Camping or other unauthorized activities in the garden or in outdoor areas;

VI. lighting fires in outdoor spaces;

VII. Damage the vegetation.

14) Any damage caused by guests must be reimburse. Any voluntary damage to the structure will be considered a crime, thus punishable with the penalties provided by the relevant legal provisions.

15) Adults are responsible for the behavior of children that may disturb the quiet, safety and hygiene of guests.

16) Any complaints or disruptions must be reported to the appropriate personnel and / or the manager.

17) The Hostel assumes no responsability for damages and / or theft to objects stored inside and outside the hostel, as well as accidents and injuries caused by a guest fault.

18) Behavior that does not comply with the regulations or that is contrary to the rules of civil life, may constitute grounds for expulsion from the Hostel, without prejudice to any possible actions on the civil and / or criminal level.